The contents of this page are to assist parliamentarians with their understanding of the legal aid system.

Legal aid can help your Constituent meet the cost of legal advice, family mediation and representation in a court  or tribunal. In order for a constituent’s  case to be looked at by lawyers or advisors, they will need to show that their income and capital are within the current financial limits set by the legal aid agency. This is necessary for the lawyer or adviser to be paid for the work done on the Constituent’s behalf.

In order to establish entitlement to legal aid, your Constituent will need to show that they are:

- Financially eligible for legal aid;

- Have a serious problem; and

- They are unable to afford legal costs to assist with that problem.

Please find below a link to the Government’s Legal Aid Eligibility Calculator to find out whether your constituent will qualify for help under the legal aid scheme.

Secondly, please be aware that legal aid does not cover all areas of law. This is a very simple guide to what legal aid may cover:

Thirdly, a lawyer can  be found by putting a postcode  and the area of law needed  into this website: This  will list all those
lawyers or advisors in your area with Legal Aid contracts. All of these providers have been awarded either the Lexcel quality mark or SQM quality mark.

Very useful resources:

Advicenow -

Citizens Advice -

Shelter -